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Requesting your pre-Master's certificate

You can request your pre-Master's certificate from the Student Information Point once all your course results have been registered in Osiris. The Admission Board evaluates whether you have met all the conditions. You can find the link to the request form here:

Request form

You can use this form to request your pre-Master's certificate at the Student Information Point. Please read this letter (docx, 18 kB) carefully beforehand. You are required to add the attachments below. If you have been exempted from the Bachelor's thesis, you are only required to upload your study progress overview.

Please note: save the documents below before starting the request, you cannot download them during the request.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt after submitting the form. In case you haven't received it, please contact the Student Information Point (stip@let.ru.nl).

Thesis Repository

All theses are saved and made available to third parties in the Thesis Repository of Radboud University. You can indicate in the request form whether you give Radboud University permission to publish your thesis in the Repository. In case you give permission, you also need to upload the permission form (pdf, 85 kB). We are obliged to archive all theses and make them available for visitation committees among others, and this is also done via the repository. In short, your thesis will always be archived in the repository, but you can indicate whether you want your thesis to be available to third parties as well.

Please note: due to privacy regulations all signatures, personal details, and contact details (except for your name) need to be blurred or deleted in your thesis upload.

Your pre-Master's certificate

Your certificate will be sent by post once it has been signed. You will receive your certificate on the address registered in Osiris. Therefore please make sure your address is registered correctly.

Continuing onto your Master's

Please make sure that you meet all admission requirements for the Master's programme, and that you complete your enrolment before 31 August.

The Faculty of Arts informs the Central Student Administration that you completed your pre-Master's and that you can be admitted to your Master's. You will not have to do this yourself. More information can be found here: