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Are you starting your studies at the Faculty of Arts in September? All the information you need to prepare for your studies can be found here! This page will be frequently updated with new information, so make sure to check it regularly to always stay up to date.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us via studentencommunicatie@let.ru.nl

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Integration Guide

The Academic Integration Guide provides information regarding Dutch culture and the university system. It was created by and for international students. You can read the guide here.

About the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers 10 bachelor's and 12 master's degree programs in the fields of art, culture, history, communication and language. The faculty is located in the Erasmus Building, the tallest building in Nijmegen.

During your studies at the Faculty of Arts you can make use of all the services offered by the Faculty. Your first point of contact is the Student Information Point (STIP Letteren) for all your questions.

We are also happy to help you on your way next to and after your studies. For example, International Office Arts can help you broaden your horizons with a study or internship abroad, and Career Service Arts offers you professional preparation for the labor market.

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On the next page you will find the powerpoint of the ICT-instructions that were given during the Orientation Week, and other practical information. Below you will also find manuals from:

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Starting a Bachelor?

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Starting a Master?

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Starting subsidiary/ minor education?

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Where to go with your question or problem?

Student Information Point (STIP)

The Student Information Point is the first point of contact for students of the Faculty of Arts. They can be contacted via phone or email, or via the chat below. The main page and the menu above contain even more information for students. The staff members at STIP can also help you with questions and problems concerning course and exam registration, scheduling problems and can refer you to the right person.

Study advisor

The study advisor of your programme knows all the ins and outs of your study programme and can give you advice concerning important decisions and problems that may occur during your studies. The study advisor can also help you in case of special circumstances or if you need extra tutoring or counseling during your studies. The study advisor is a confidential advisor.

Admissions Board

The Faculty Admissions Board is able to answer questions regarding your admission, your premaster programme or do any other issue regarding these topics. You can send the Faculty Admissions Board an email via toelatingscommissie@let.ru.nl.

Central Student Desk

For questions about your enrolment as a student you can contact the Central Student Desk, located at Houtlaan 4, Nijmegen. Currently the Central Student Desk can be reached by phone via +31 (0)24-3612345 or e-mail: centralstudentdesk@ru.nl.

Do you have another question about the information on this page, and are you unsure who to ask? Please contact us!

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