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Points of interest

Dear student,

We appreciate your interest in becoming a mentor for the Faculty of Arts during the 2024 Intro!

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Students can register in groups of three or four to become a mentor. We strive to organise each group into five students per mentor. This means a group of three mentors will have roughly fifteen students and a group of four mentors will have roughly twenty students.
  • The first person on the list will serve as both head mentor and contact person before, during and after the Intro.
  • You are not allowed to be a mentor if you:
    • have received a negative binding study advice by the end of July.
    • quit your study before the Intro.
  • Each mentor will receive € 50,- as a reward in total. This will be paid out to every mentor in the fall. That is why the IBAN and BSN are required.
  • We will keep a stand-by list and, in the event of a mentor shortage, we will approach a group on the list.
  • Mentor groups will be created per study programme. All prospective students in the mentor group will be enrolled in the same programme. This means that all mentors must also be enrolled in this programme. For Communication and Information Studies and History the mentors and participants are also enrolled in the same specialisation.
  • International students can be a part of the groups of the Bachelor's specialisations Arts and Culture Studies, International Business Communication, English Language and Culture, American Studies en Comparative European History. The main language in these groups will therefore be English.
  • In order for first year students to have a good start of their study, it is essential that they attend all activities from the Intro. As a mentor it is therefore your responsibility to encourage your group to attend the activities and to set the right example by being present yourself.
  • In the months running up to the Intro, a meeting will be organised for all mentors representing the Faculty of Arts. During this meeting we will discuss the key issues and our programme. The meeting will be held on Thursday 6 June at 12.15 pm. This meeting is important for your preparation and therefore in principle mandatory for all mentors. If you are not able to be present, you can discuss this with the Faculty Coordinator.
  • If this is your first time as a mentor, you are required to participate in the mentor instruction session organised by the central organisation team. This will be held on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 August 2024. You will receive more detailed information later this year.

Kind regards,

Sophie Snoep-Delleman
Faculty Coordinator Intro 2024
Faculty of Arts