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Registration Radboud Intro 2024

Dear students,

This page contains information about mentoring and the registration form for becoming a mentor on behalf of the Faculty of Arts during the Radboud Intro.

General information

To register, follow the steps below:
1. Every mentor must read the following points of interest.
2. Every mentor must read the declaration of intent 2024 (pdf, 95 kB). By filling in this form, you agree with the terms in the declaration.
3. Complete the registration form below for your entire group of mentors (three or four) or fill in the individual registration form.

Expected presence

All mentors are required to be present for the duration of the Intro (Sunday 18 August through Sunday 25 August). Each mentor will receive a € 50,- compensation for this period. All mentors are also expected to attend the following meetings: 

  • Thursday 6 June, 12.15-13.30 uur: Faculty Mentor Meeting
    During this meeting, which is mandatory for all mentors, we will discuss the programme and essential matters relating to the Intro. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Wednesday 14 August or Thursday 15 August (all day): Mentor Preparation Session
    All first-time mentors are required to participate in the mentor instruction session organised by the central organisation team. This session will take place on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 16 August. You can let us know which day you prefer. If you have been accepted as a mentor, you will receive more information later this year. If you have already participated in this session before, you are still welcome to join.

Group or individual registration closes after Sunday 21 April. The head mentors and individually registered mentors will receive an email informing them whether they have been been selected.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at intro@let.ru.nl or send a message via WhatsApp via +31625766059.

On behalf of the Faculty Introduction Committee,

Best regards,

Sophie Snoep-Delleman
Faculty Coordinator Radboud Intro 2024
Faculty of Arts


We appreciate your interest in becoming a mentor for the Faculty of Arts! Do you want to register as a group? Please fill in the form below.

It is also possible to register individually. The Introduction Committee will form a group for you. Please fill in the individual registration form.

Please note: only Taalwetenschap, English Language and Culture and American Studies students can still register.