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English Language and Culture

Welcome prospective student English Language and Culture!

English? Don't you speak that already? Mastering English to perfection does not only mean that you know everything about pronunciation and grammar, but it also includes knowledge of the culture. That is why the English Language and Culture programme teaches you everything you need to know about England's rich history, culture, literature and customs, in addition to learning to write and speak the language.

On this page you can find all information with regard to your first year of the English Language and Culture programme in Nijmegen!

Study advisor English Language and Culture

Hello, I am Lidwien Cluitmans. As study advisor I am your first point of contact within the study programme.lidwien

If you already have a question about the Bachelor, or if you would like to meet, then please make an appointment via the link below.

G.A.G. : The study association of English Language and Culture


More information can be found on our website.

Chat with a student

Would you like to know how our students are experiencing their studies? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the English Language and Culture students!

Ordering books

Books for the upcoming academic year can be ordered from StudyStore. As a member of study association GAG you will get a discount on firsthand or secondhand study books. Not a member yet? Click here for more information about the membership! Some courses may require readers. In the study guide you will find per course whether you need a reader. Make sure you order your readers before the start of the academic year from the Dictatencentrale.

Tip: during the orientation week, it is possible to buy books from our second-year students.

Weekly overview (example)

This is what your week could look like during the first period! The dark blue columns represent lectures, whereas the lighter blue ones represent seminars. The orange coloured ones are for lab courses. You can also see at what time you have class, who is teaching it, and where your class takes place. You'll receive more information about your personal schedule when you're fully enrolled. Depending on corona measures, this could be either online ("At home") or on campus ("Fysiek college"). Click here for more abbreviations of classrooms and lecture halls, as well as a campus map.