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Welcome as a Master's student at the Faculty of Arts! On this page, we want to give you all the information you need to start your Master's programme, to make sure you are prepared and informed as well as possible.

Please note, if your master’s programme has a selection procedure, you should be admitted and selected by the Faculty Admissions Board first.

(pre-)Master Welcome Day

The Faculty of Arts will welcome all new (pre-)Master’s students on 1 september 2022. The Welcome Day will be packed with programme specific information regarding course scheduling, internship opportunities and practical tips to organise your studies.

For international students

Going to a different country for your Master's can seem a little daunting. Many questions and worries may arise: What do you need to do to prepare for your stay, how can you find housing in Nijmegen, and how to deal with possible cultural differences? Make sure to check the following page, where we have gathered all information for our international students!


checkRegistered for the Master Welcome Day (possible from July onwards)

check RU Ready?

checkRegistering for courses and exams (before 15 August)

checkMaster Welcome Day

checkYou are ready!

checkStart of classes

Additional information

Additional information applies to a number of Master's programmes:

Registering for courses and exams

You can register for courses in OSIRIS student, which can be done until the end of August, but preferably before 10 August. Please make sure to register as soon as possible, as the course registration is also linked to Brightspace (the online teaching environment).

Research Master students will be enrolled by the education administration for all compulsory courses of semester 1. For optional courses, students of the Research Master must also register themselves.

Students with disabilities may be eligible for special (learning) conditions such as extra time during exams or alternative working methods. They should apply for these provisions via the student deans.

You will find all information about your study programme and the courses in the course guide. Here you will also find which books and/or dictations you may need to purchase. Here you will find information about your schedule.