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Subsidiary / contract education

Welcome as a subsidiary or contract education student at the Faculty of Arts! On this page, we want to give you all the information you need to follow your courses, to make sure you are prepared and informed as well as possible.

Study programme and timetable

All information about your courses can be found in the digital study guide. You can check your personal timetable in https://persoonlijkrooster.ru.nl/ by using a guest account. Via 'Add timetable' you can select the year and the study programme or courses. You can then select the filter 'Faculty of Arts' and select your courses.

Registering for courses and exams

If you are a student via 'Kies op Maat' or a student starting subsidiary courses, the Student Information Point Arts will register you for all the courses. This will be done in the second half of August. You will receive a confirmation email about the course registration. When you are registered for a course, you will automatically be registered for the corresponding exams as well. For resits you need to register yourself. Course registration can be done via Osiris Student.

Please also check the timetable to make sure there are no schedule clashes.

In case you have a disability or have special needs, we recommend contacting a student counsellor as soon as possible, to make sure special provisions can be put into place for you.

Staying up-to-date

Brightspace is the digital learning environment of Radboud University, where students can find all relevant information about courses, study manuals, assignments, etc.

All messages from the university and the study programme will be sent to your Radboud email address (name.surname@ru.nl). (Please note: not all students receive a Radboud email address; they will receive mails on their private email address instead).