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Education on 8 May following cancellation RadboudXL

Date of news: 29 January 2024

Following the news of the cancellation of RadboudXL, the Faculty of Arts has decided to allow lectures and seminars to take place on 8 May in the afternoon if lecturers deem it necessary.

RadboudXL, which this year would have taken place on 8 May, is a yearly festival for all students and staff. Traditionally, no education is scheduled on the afternoon of this day. However, due to the cancellation of the event, each faculty can decide what to do with teaching on this 'education-free' afternoon.

For the Faculty of Arts, it has been decided that education can be scheduled if teachers/lecturers deem it necessary for their courses to take place on this afternoon. The course schedules in MyTimetable will be updated if this is the case.

Please find the updated Annual Calendar of Arts here.