De Refter

De Refter is the restaurant and meeting place on the Radboud University campus. The six food counters each have their own theme, with a unique ambiance and product range.

08:00 - 19:30

08:00 - 19:30

08:00 - 19:30

08:00 - 19:30

08:00 - 16.15


At Craft you can get a hot vegetarian/vegan meal every day. This week's menu is:

Monday 3 October
Falafel - Pita bread - Endive iceberg salad - Oven potatoes (veggie)

Tuesday 4 October
Spirelli - Sweet potato sauce (veggie)

Wednesday 5 October
Nasi goreng - Spring roll - Satay sauce - Sambal beans (vegan)

Thursday 6 October
Shepherd's pie - Green lentils - Carrot - Peas - Wocestershire sauce (veggie)

Friday 7 October
Fish & Oven Potatoes - Remoulade - Side salad (vegan)
Fish & Oven Potatoes - Ravigotte - Side salad (fish)


Deli Tiger

Deli Tiger offers Asian food. On the menu:

  • Ramen soup
  • Wok meals
  • Salads


At Sousa you can get lunch products such as:

Soup, salad, luxury vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, snacks, drinks

Angus No.5

At Angus No.5 you find American food and drink such as:

  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Budweiser


Coffee corner Panama offers the following products:

(Hot) drinks: coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, chai latte, regional biological juice, soft drinks
Lunch: sandwiches, vegan sandwiches, toasties, panini
Snacks: vegan bar, granola bar, muffin, Tony Chocolonely, appelflap, hearty snacks (saucijzenbroodje, cheese bread), Eat Natural bar, rocky road bar