Printing on campus

Through the Radboud University printing system, students and employees are able to print, scan, and copy anywhere on campus, regardless of the faculty at which they study or work. When printing, you send your print job to a print queue instead of a specific printer. The next step is to simply retrieve your print job from any printer.

Tip for printing problems on no-ISC-devices, macOS and Linux

In September some necessary Microsoft Security updates have been executed. Unfortunately, these updates caused world-wide printer problems. Also at Radboud University, in a number of cases, it is no longer possible to print in the usual way if you have a computer which is not managed by the ISC or if you have a MacOs/Linux-device.
It is however possible to print via When there, choose web-upload, upload new print task. The printed documents are double-sided, and you can choose between color or black and white
We realize this situation is inconvenient. Microsoft is working on a structural solution for the world-wide printer problem. In the meantime, Information Services, Campus and Facilities and Konica Minolta are working together to find a temporary solution for Radboud University.

Printing for students

Students must have a sufficient balance on their account to be able to print, copy, and scan. You use the KUARIO app for this. This requires that you:

  • Install the KUARIO app or go to (please note that you can only open this page when you're connected to the wifi network 'Eduroam').
  • Use your mail adress to activate your Kuario-account and log in with the data you received per email. If you can't find this data, choose 'change password' on Kuario's login page. In order to get a Kuario account, you must use your mail address.
  • Add credit to your Kuario balance (a minimum of 5 euros).
  • Send your print to the 'FollowMe' printer.
  • You can log in to the 'FollowMe' printer with your student card. The first time you use a printer from Radboud University, you must login with your student number and RU password. The next time you are able to login to the 'FollowMe' printer by placing your student card at the card reader on the front of the printer.

Printing for staff members

Staff members do not have to add credit to their account balance. Instead, they use the cost heading of their job function. In order to print, you must:

Refund Péage credit

You can visit Post&Print on the ground floor of the Erasmus building for a refund. Rather do this online? You can do this here.


For MacOS users who cannot link the print queue, printing via Web_Upload on the website is the solution.

For any other printer related problems (printing, scanning, copying) or KUARIO, please contact the Konica-Minolta helpdesk:

telefoonnummer024 - 365 59 55
(workdays from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm)

For problems regarding your computer, laptop, smartphone or other device, please contact the ICT Helpdesk:

telefoonnummer024 - 362 22 22
(workdays from 8.00 am to 05.30 pm)

On working days you can stop by the Konica-Minolta service point in the University Library for help between 11:00 and 15:00.