Installing the app

Every student received an e-mail from KUARIO at their Radboud e-mail address in order to activate their account.

Please note: if you have not received an e-mail, it may have ended up in your spam folder. Deleted the email? Read here what you can do.

  • Download KUARIO in the App store:

  • or through Google Play:

  • Sign up using the same e-mail address at which you received the e-mail.
  • After registering and signing into the app, a pop-up will open that allows you to activate your membership in the Radboud environment.
  • If you are not shown a pop-up after signing in, go to Settings > Account > Memberships.

Skuari login

Skuari pin code

Set a pin for quick access. Tip: choose a secure pin (not 1234 or 0000).