Campus & Facilities is committed to sustainability. We do a lot about sustainability, such as:

  • Separating waste (in production and everywhere for our guests)
  • Recycling as much waste as possible as a raw material (not only paper and plastic, but also coffee grounds, for example, which are collected separately and reused as a raw material)
  • Reuse materials as much as possible (e.g. end-of-life recycling of furniture included in the tender)
  • Introduction of the Billiecup, now as a pilot in the Huygens building, the aim is to roll it out across the campus. The Billiecup is a hard plastic coffee cup with a deposit system and serves as an alternative to the disposable cardboard cups that are thrown away after single use.
  • Minimise disposables by stimulating reuse of (own) cups or the Billiecup (promotion on coffee machine and discount at coffee corners)
  • Meeting lunches are vegetarian by default (meat/fish only available on request)
  • Encourage vegetarian and vegan dishes in the departments through promotion, put them at the front/at the top and offer them at a lower price. For example, vegetarian is almost always cheaper than meat/fish and no extra charge is made for vegan cheese on the pizza, although it is considerably more expensive.
  • Stimulate and promote sustainable and healthy choices by actively participating in theme weeks such as the National Week Without Meat and Dairy, Dry Janaury, Radboud Impact Festival, The Green Week and the Wellbeing Weeks.
  • We do not serve alcohol before 15:30
  • Offer and promote vegan milk in coffee corners and the coffee machines of MAAS
  • Minimise transport on campus and use last mile logistic hub with electric vehicles
  • Work with local suppliers as much as possible:
    Bread and cakes from the local bakery (Kraaijennest)
    Potatoes, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat products from Oregional, a cooperative of local farmers
    IJs van Wijs IJs, artisanal ice cream made from as many pure, natural and local products as possible, such as milk from the local organic farm and local fruit.
    De Boerenbox, healthy and sustainable meal packages for 2 people with local ingredients.
    Sustainable coffee suppliers such as Santas and MAAS, both in terms of production (fair trade) and in terms of employing employees with a distance to the labour market in the Netherlands
  • Service in Berchmanianum is provided by a Hospitality Team consisting of employees at a distance from the labour market who follow a two-year training program to be prepared for the labour market
  • We have several employees with a distance to the labour market in our employ
  • Sustainable biscuits through De Koekfabriek, made by employees distant from the labour market
  • Minimising waste through smarter work processes and customised preparation
  • Food that is left over and is still good, but can no longer be sold, offered via the Too Good To Go app
  • Campus-wide water points to fill your own bottle (such as a Dopper) and offer our own Dopper variant
  • Water taps for reusable bottles for the catering industry