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FELIX in more detail

At the FELIX Laboratory, we generate and use very intense radiation in the (far)infrared region of the radiation spectrum for (non-linear) spectroscopy of matter.

Corresponding energies

The energies of the radiation correspond to low energy vibrational, spin and electronic excitations in solids and molecules in solution and gas phase. Therefore, FELIX is ideally suited to study their ground state properties.

The four lasers FELIX-1, FELIX-2, FELICE and FLARE each produce their own range of wavelengths and together, they provide a tuning range between 3 and 1500 µm.

FELIX laser hall

Overview of the FELIX laser hall

FELIX specs


The Free Electron Laser for Intra-Cavity Experiments FELICE is a unique FEL beamline dedicated to intra-cavity experiments. FELICE generates pulsed infrared radiation, tunable in the region of 5-100 μm, and enables optical excitation of molecules and clusters throughout the infrared spectral region in two dedicated experimental setups. FELICE provides unprecedented photon flux: the intensity at the point of the experiment is 50 to 100 times higher compared to the conventional user stations.

FELIX lasers and high magnetic fields

Exciting new research opportunities have been created by the combination of the radiation of the FELIX lasers with the continuous high magnetic fields of the High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML). The combination enables simultaneous studies in high magnetic fields up to 38 Tesla (soon 45 Tesla) and under intense infrared and THz radiation. These experiments offer scientists the possibility to study matter and materials in conditions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.