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Dutch User organisation for Accelerator-based Light Sources (DUALIS)

The general mission of the Dutch User organisation for Accelerator-based Light Sources (DUALIS) is to strengthen the Dutch user community and its competitiveness for experiment time at international accelerator-based light sources including synchrotrons and free electron lasers (FELs). DUALIS aims to improve the information-exchange between users and council/committee members of these facilities. We will keep the Dutch user community informed of relevant developments via our newsletter (subscribe below) and bring the various involved parties together via user assembly meetings.

DUALIS is connected to the European facilities via ESUO, the European Synchrotron and FEL user organisation.

Upcoming events

Wednesday 21 September
Focus session at NWO CHAINS

The official kick-off of DUALIS will happen at NWO CHAINS on the 21st of September 2022 during a focus session from 13:20h – 14:05h in the Beneluxzaal.

DUALIS will be introduced by its initiators: Britta Redlich, Moniek Tromp, and Elias Vlieg. We will also discuss the links to the European initiatives ESUO and LEAPS, as well as the involvement in the ESRF and national large-scale research infrastructures and initiatives.

We are pleased to welcome Gema Martínez-Criado, director of research at ESRF, who will tell us about the new exciting possibilities of the upgraded ESRF.


News & research

Contact & Newsletter

You can reach us by email: DUALIS@ru.nl


If you want to keep up-to-date with relevant information and upcoming events, please subscribe for our newsletter.

More information on the European synchrotrons and free electron lasers

Check the Way For Light entry point, with detailed data sheets, and LEAPS, the League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources,  a strategic consortium initiated by the Directors of the Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Laser user facilities in Europe.


Prof. Britta Redlich
Radboud University
Experimental physics with Infrared and THz Radiation

moniek tromp
Prof. Moniek Tromp
University of Groningen
Materials Chemistry
Member of the Executive Board ESUO and NWO Domain Board Science


Prof. Elias Vlieg
Radboud University
Solid State Chemistry
Member of the ESRF Council