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Use our facility: apply for beam time

The FELIX Laboratory is open for scientists from all over the world. You can apply for beam time by submitting a proposal. There are two submission moments each year:  a few weeks before May 15 (scheduled time August - January) and a few weeks before November 15 (scheduled time February - July).

Situation in the Ukraine

We have all been shocked by the invasion of Ukraine. Following the sanctions imposed by the European Community and its international partners – for the time being – all cooperation with Russia and Belarus remains suspended we cannot accept proposals with scientists affiliated to Russia and/or Belarus. We truly regret this development.

Submit a proposal

You can submit your proposal starting a few weeks for the deadline through the FELIX proposal submission system.  Before submitting, please read the short guideline (pdf, 364 kB) and download the FELIX proposal template. (docx, 292 kB)

Privacy Statement
If you subscribe for the FELIX mailing list, or submit an application to gain access to the FELIX laboratory, some data is recorded. We use the mailing list to inform you about developments at FELIX Laboratory including opening of calls. Mails will only be sent after moderation, and will not be used for commercial purposes, or handed to a third party. For more information you can download our privacy statement. (pdf, 106 kB) You can always unsubscribe from the mailing list


The proposals are evaluated by a Program Advisory Committee (PAC). They advise the FELIX management. Evaluation criteria are scientific soundness, interest and novelty and a well-reasoned need to use the unique FELIX facilities.

FELIX - HFML combination

Combining the radiation of the FELIX lasers with the continuous high magnetic fields of the HFML creates exiting new opportunities. However, not all desired experiments are yet feasible. When you want to use this unique combination, please contact us before submitting an application for FELIX beam time and magnet time. In this way, we can advise and assist you on your project plan and increase the chance of success.

Support European users

Support for travel and subsistence can be provided for European users within the European Union Horizon 2020 projects Laserlab-Europe. Further information on Laserlab Europe.

Acknowledgement projects supported by Laserlab Europe

Every user who was supported by the trans-national access program of Laserlab Europe is obliged to acknowledge funding in his or her publication, using the following statement: This work has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 871124 Laserlab-Europe.

More information

If you encounter any problems or if you have questions/suggestions, contact us at HFML-FELIX@ru.nl.