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User stations

The layout of the two user laboratories is shown on the Floor plan.
In FELIX user Laboratory 1, all stations are or will be connected to the lasers FEL-1, FEL-2 and FLARE. 
In FELIX user laboratory 2, the end stations are connected to FEL-1 and FEL-2; the two specific intra-cavity setups of the FELICE laser are located in this lab as well.

FEL-1, FEL-2 and connected user stations:
FEL-2 operates in the range from 5 - 45 microns (2.7 - 5 microns on 3rd harmonic) in 1 GHz and 25 MHz mode. FEL-1 operates in the range from 30 -150 microns in 1 GHz and 25 MHz mode. Currently available user stations for both lasers:

FELICE and connected user station:
The Free-Electon Laser for IntraCavity Experiments (FELICE) is coupled to an Intracavity molecular beam instrument for spectroscopy of strongly bound clusters and ions.

FLARE and connected user stations:
FLARE operates in the range from 100-1500 microns in 3 GHz and 20 MHz mode and so-called spectroscopic mode (not high-resolution mode). Experiments can be performed on the optical table at the diagnostic station.

Please note: since the continuous wavelength tuning of FLARE currently has some limitations. Contact felix@ru.nl before submitting a proposal

Via a quasi-optical transport system, radiation from FELIX is also available in Cell 5 of the adjacent High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) for experiments that require the combination of high magnetic fields and intense THz radiation. Read more about this unique research possibility.