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User station 12: Pump-probe station

The Pump-probe user station at FELIX provides facilities to measure the fast dynamics of systems using MIR and FIR light, for example the lifetimes and coherence times of excitations in condensed matter systems.

There are two separate pump-probe systems in this user station, a long wavelength (20-150 μm) and a short wavelength (3-20 μm) set-up.
The basic concept of these two setups is the same, however as they are used in different wavelength ranges they have distinct features. These set-ups can be modified to accommodate Ramsey spectroscopy, photon echo, transient grating or related experimental techniques. On sample electrical detection of the optical excitation is also possible. The systems can be purged to prevent water absorption. Mid-IR and far-IR detectors are available, which can be run in balanced mode to reduce noise. We also have various cryostats for mounting samples, including sample in vacuum, exchange gas and bath type.

Closer look

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Schematic lay-out of the pump-probe experimental setup.