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User station 3: Studies of ultrafast processes in strongly correlated condensed matter systems

R. Mikhaylovskiy, A. Kimel – Condensed Matter Spectroscopy

We are developing a multipurpose user station for studies of ultrafast processes in strongly correlated condensed matter systems.The ability to control charge and spin degrees of freedom in condensed matter is the main principle behind current technologies for data processing. The demand to process data at ever higher speeds is a strong motivation for the investigation of responses of charges and spins in condensed matter to THz electric and magnetic fields.

The station is already equipped with an amplified femtosecond laser system and He-cryostat with 7 Tesla magnet. The connection with the FLARE laser is established. The synchronization of the laser system with the FLARE laser is in progress.

Ultrafast laser system Kimel Rasing

Layout of the experimental station

User station 3 FELIX Laboratory