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User station 9: Quadrupole ion trap MS for IR ion spectroscopy

This instrument is built upon a commercial Bruker Amazon Speed ETD ion trap mass spectrometer, which has been modified to enable optical access to the ions stored in the trap.

The instrument can be used with an analytical electrospray ionization source or alternatively an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization source. A key advantage of this experiment is its high sensitivity; typical sample concentrations are in the 10-5 – 10-8 M range. MS and IR experiments can be coupled with liquid chromatography (Bruker Elute) to enable the measurement of low abundance components in complex mixtures such as body fluid samples. The instrument has many MSn options, including multiple stages of CID and (single stage) ETD. Interfacing of the electronics and software of the MS with that of FELIX to enable automated IR spectra collection has been installed.

More information: Analytical Ion Spectroscopy, Ion Chemistry, Astrochemistry.

user station 9 quadrupole 2

user station 9 quadrupole