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Britta Redlich appointed full professor of Experimental Physics

Date of news: 15 January 2020

As of 1 December 2019, Britta Redlich has been appointed full professor of Experimental Physics with Infrared and THz radiation at the Radboud University Faculty of Science. Redlich has worked at Radboud University since 2013, and from 2018, she has been the director of the FELIX Laboratory, where she also leads the research group that uses the infrared and terahertz radiation of the FELIX lasers to investigate the properties of molecular systems and (soft) condensed matter.


Britta Redlich (Bremen, Germany, 1968) obtained her doctorate cum laude from the University of Hanover for her research into the adsorption of small molecules to insulating single crystal surfaces using infrared spectroscopy. After a postgraduate position at the University of Münster, she received funding from the Emmy Noether programme, which she used for research using the free electron laser FELIX at the former FOM institute in Rijnhuizen. In 2003, in her position as staff scientist and facility manager, she was put in charge of the research programme of the external users of the FELIX facility. When the FELIX laser facility was relocated from Rijnhuizen to Radboud University in 2013, Redlich and the FELIX team of researchers and technicians came along. In early 2015, Britta Redlich became chair and in 2018 director of the international users facility. She is an oracle for users around the globe and still performs spectroscopic research using the radiation from the free electron lasers.

HFML-FELIX: an authoritative institute
Besides the research in her group, which focuses on molecular processes in insulation (which is relevant for i.a. astrophysics) and on surfaces for catalytic reactions, Professor Redlich is also devoted to the further development of the FELIX Laboratory and the external users company in order to keep the international facility at a leading level.
Her vision and the collaboration between the HFML and FELIX Laboratory resulted in a national roadmap grant of 10.8 million euros in 2018, which is used to expand the infrastructure of HFML - FELIX, mainly for the benefit of special user stations and of experiments in which the peculiar properties of both facilities are used simultaneously. This will result in a facility that is the only one of its kind in the world.

Professor Redlich is a member of the Round Table Physics and was recently appointed as a member of the Executive Board of the Dutch Physics Council. She is co-founder, member and board member of a number of international consortia of accelerator-based photon sources and lasers, including LEAPSLaserLab Europe and FELs of Europe.