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Congratulations Cum Laude! Rianne van Outersterp successfully defends PhD Thesis

Date of news: 15 March 2023

Just last week, on the 25th of January, PhD student Rianne van Outersterp set out to defend her thesis; ‘Metabolite identification using infrared ion spectroscopy’. We can look back on this day with pride, since she successfully defended her outstanding thesis and obtained her PhD degree with distinction Cum Laude.


Picture by Theo Hafmans

In her dissertation, Outersterp investigated how infrared ion spectroscopy (IRIS) can be used to discern information on the types of chemical bonds in a molecule. She used IRIS to identify novel biomarkers related to inborn errors of metabolism, focusing on inborn errors of amino acid metabolism and pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy and shows a novel approach for oligosaccharide identification using long-wavelength IRIS.

Front cover thesis Rianne Outersterp

Outersterp started her PhD research at the FELIX laboratory back in 2018 and the results of all her hard work are described in the thesis she defended last week. This project was co-funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals from Beerse, Belgium.


prof. dr. J. Oomens