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FELICE laser in operation

Date of news: 8 February 2016

The first lasing of FELICE has been achieved at the FELIX Laboratory in October 2015, and the FELICE beam line is now already being used for research projects by in-house and external users.

The Free Electron Laser for Intra-Cavity Experiments (FELICE) generates pulsed infrared radiation, tunable in the region of 5-100 μm.

FELICE is designed for intra-cavity user experiments and provides a 50 to 100 times higher intensity at the point of the experiment compared to the conventional user stations. Two setups are included into the FELICE cavity: a versatile molecular beam cluster setup and an FTICR mass spectrometer, particularly suited to perform 'action spectroscopy’ experiments of clusters, (complex) molecules and ions in the gas phase.


The FELIX laser room with FELICE in the upper right side.

More information

When you are interested in applying for FELICE beam time, have a look on our Application page.