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FELIX terahertz laser combined with HFML magnet

Date of news: 16 October 2015

The FELIX Laboratory is now connected its neighbour, the High Field Magnet Laboratory HFML. Although the beamline between FELIX and HFML has only recently been completed, the first successful measurements have already been done.

The established beamline travels a 86 metre aligned optical path from FELIX to HFML, and is guided by 41 gold coated mirrors.


Figure 1. Visualization of the 80 meter beamline between FELIX and HFML.

The combination of FELIX’s radiation in the infrared region and the continuous high magnetic fields at HFML offers local and visiting scientists the possibility to study matter and materials in conditions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

FELIX's radiation energies match magnetic excitations like cyclotron and spin resonance in high magnetic fields. Furthermore excitations in solids - like the superconducting gap and antiferromagnetic resonances - are at the same energy. A joint FELIX-HFML research group exploits these possibilities.

Dr. Hans Engelkamp is specialized in far-infrared experiments. He explains the possibilities of the unique combination the HFML and FELIX Laboratory.

More information about the FELIX Laboratory and its connection to the HFML.