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Valeriy Chernyy obtains Ph. D.

Date of news: 15 December 2017

On Wednesday, December 13, Valeriy Chernyy obtained his Ph. D. degree after defending his thesis "The interplay between electronic and vibrational excitations in atomic clusters" (LINK) in front of a committee of local and foreign experts. In this work, Valeriy investigated the possibilities to study the electron-phonon coupling in clusters using short pulses of IR light provided by the FELIX free-electron lasers. His work lays the foundations for future time-resolved experiments on clusters, for which preparations are currently ongoing. Now Dr Chernyy is co-author of six peer-reviewed publications, of which two as lead author. Three more publications with Chernyy as main author are currently under revision.

As of September 1, Dr. Chernyy is employed at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam.bul-valeriyOn the picture, Valeriy is awarded his Ph. D. diploma by his promotor, Prof. Andrei Kirilyuk. He was further advised by Dr. Joost Bakker.