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Successful PhD defense by Daniël Bakker

Date of news: 21 November 2017

On Monday November 13, 2017, Daniël Bakker successfully defended his Ph. D. thesis entitled "Far-Infrared spectroscopic methods for molecular beams: fingerprints of hydrogen bond interactions", at the Radboud University. Prof. dr. J. Oomens  and Dr. Anouk M. Rijs, both working at the FELIX Laboratory, were his (co-)promotor and daily supervisors.

Daniël performed his research at the FELIX Laboratory where he focused on novel methods to probe the three-dimensional structure of (bio)molecules. In this thesis, we employ novel, far-infrared spectroscopy to study the molecular interactions in small model molecules. Far-infrared radiation has uniquely long wavelengths that can be used to excite large length scale vibrations in a molecule. produced using the free electron lasers at the FELIX laboratory, and. These vibrations are highly diagnostic of the molecular interactions and therefore the geometry of a molecule.