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Visit students COAST ATLAS programme

Date of news: 25 March 2022

Last Saturday, we welcomed students from the COAST-ATLAS programme at HFML-FELIX. COAST-ATLAS is a master-level honours Programme with a focus on Analytical Technology. The students visit renowned companies or research groups to learn more about analytical techniques.

At HFML-FELIX, Rianne van Outersterp and Mathias Vink explained them how infrared ion spectroscopy (IRIS) works, a form of action spectroscopy we use in combination with mass spectrometry and the unique, tunable infrared light of the FELIX free electron lasers. IRIS is the best technique to elucidate a complete molecular structure when you have very small quantities in complex samples, like blood or urine. It is used for example to detect biomarkers and synthesize better molecules for drug development. Jos Oomens: “the students were very interested, and it was nice that we could welcome a group live again and show them around in the laboratory!”

COAST atlas