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NWO Open Competition Domain Science - ENW-M1 Grant for Andrei Kirilyuk

Date of news: 30 October 2022

Prof. Andrei Kirilyuk, group leader of the Condensed Matter Physics department within HFML-FELIX of Radboud University, has been awarded an NWO Open Competition Domain Science - ENW-M1 grant for his project ‘Shaken and Switched: Tracking the Dynamics of Phono-Magnetic Recording’. NWO Open Competition Domain Science - M grants are designed to support researchers with a promising idea or an innovative and high-risk initiative. "It has been discussed for years that phononic switching of magnetic materials in principle could be possible, but only recently the process has been demonstrated by us, thanks to the high intensity and narrow bandwidth of the FELIX free electron laser pulses. The obtained grant will allow us to get to the bottom of the actual mechanism of this fundamental interesting phenomenon with potential for applications.", Kirilyuk says.

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