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FELIX Infrared and THz Spectroscopy research group

FELIX Infrared and THz Spectroscopy research group

Our group develops and uses mass spectrometric techniques in combination with advanced infrared and terahertz spectroscopy. Our main scientific focus is in the field of astrochemistry. We aim to understand the chemical evolution in astrophysical environments, such as interstellar star-forming regions or (exo-) planetary atmospheres, by simulating their conditions in the laboratory.

For this we apply infrared spectroscopy to obtain vibrational fingerprints of molecules to aid their identification in space. The spectroscopic information allows us to identify molecular structures within isomeric mixtures, and thus to unravel and to understand astrochemical reaction kinetics and networks in great detail both in the gas-phase or in ices.


Latest news & research

Radboud researchers find possible explanation for abundance of complex organics in cold regions of space

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are abundant in many regions of the universe, representing a major reservoir for cosmic carbon. However, their formation pathways in cold regions of space remained elusive. Until now. Experimental studies at HFML-FELIX at Radboud University recently provided evidence for alternative formation routes of PAHs in cold environments of the universe like molecular clouds or planetary atmospheres. The results have been published in Nature Astronomy.

8 July 2022

Recent Publications

A vibrational action spectroscopic study of the Renner–Teller- and spin–orbit-affected cyanoacetylene radical cation HC3N+. Kim Steenbakkers, Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, B. Redlich, G.C. Groenenboom and Sandra Brünken: (2023) J. Phys. Chem., 158, 084305-1 084305-11.  [PDF]

Detection of Ramsey Oscillations in Germanium Doped with Shallow Donors upon the Excitation of the 1s → 2p0 Transition. R.  Kh Zhukavin, P.A. Bushhuikin, V.V. Kukotenko, Yu Yu Choporova, N. Dessmann, K. A. Kovalevsky, N.  V Abrosimov and V.  N Shastin: (2022) Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, 116, 137-143.

Formation of the acenaphthylene cation as a common C2H2-loss fragment in dissociative ionization of the PAH isomers anthracene and phenanthrene. S. Banhatti, Daniël.B. Rap, A. Simon, H. Leboucher, Gabi Wenzel, C. Joblin, B. Redlich, S. Schlemmer and Sandra Brünken: (2022) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 24, 27343-27354.  [PDF]

Predissociation spectroscopy of cold CN−H2 and CN−D2. Franziska Dahlmann, P. Jusko, Miguel Lara-Moreno, Philippe Halvick, Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, Tim Michaelsen, Robert Wild, Katherina Geistlinger, S. Schlemmer, Thierry Stoecklin, R. Wester and Sandra Brünken: (2022) Mol. Phys., 120, e2085204-1 - e2085204-8.  [PDF]

The Zeeman effect in CO+ observed with rotational action spectroscopy. Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, Kim Steenbakkers, B. Redlich and Sandra Brünken: (2022) Mol. Phys., 120, e2067089-1 - e2067089 - 9.  [PDF]

Low-temperature nitrogen-bearing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon formation routes validated by infrared spectroscopy. Daniël.B. Rap, Johann G.M. Schrauwen, Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, B. Redlich and Sandra Brünken: (2022) Nature Astronomy, 6, 1059-1067.

Deuteration of c-C3H2 towards the pre-stellar core L1544. K. Giers, S. Spezzano, F. Alves, P. Caselli, E. Redaielli, O. Sipilä, M. Ben Khalifa, Laurent Wiesenfeld, Sandra Brünken and L. Bizzocchi: (2022) A&A, 664, a119-1 - a119-12.  [PDF]

Unidirectional Double- and Triple-Hydrogen Rearrangement Reactions Probed by Infrared Ion Spectroscopy. Dennis Zeh, Marcel Bast, J. Martens, G. Berden, J. Oomens, Sandra Brünken, S. Schlemmer, Mathias Schäfer and Dietmar Kuck: (2022) J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 33, 1377-1392.

Infrared action spectroscopy of fundamental nitrilium ions: Protonated vinyl- and ethyl cyanide. S. Thorwirth, O. Asvany, M.E. Harding, P. Jusko, M. C. McCarthy, Sandra Brünken and S. Schlemmer: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 386, 111615-1 - 111615-9.

Gas-phase infrared spectra of the C7H5 radical and its bimolecular reaction products. F. Hirsch, I. Fischer, Sjors Bakels and M. Rijs Anouk: (2022) J. Phys. Chem. A, 126, 2532-2540.

The gas-phase infrared spectra of the 2-methylallyl radical and its high-temperature reaction products. Tobias Preitschopf, F. Hirsch, A. K. Lemmens, M. Rijs Anouk and I. Fisher: (2022) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 24, 7682-7690.

IRFEL Selective Irradiation of Amorphous Solid Water: from Dangling to Bulk Modes. Stephane Coussan, Jennifer A. Noble, Herma M. Cuppen, B. Redlich and S. Ioppolo: (2022) J. Phys. Chem. A, 126, 2262-2269.

Infrared spectroscopy of the benzylium-like (and tropylium-like) isomers formed in the –H dissociative ionization of methylated PAHs. Gabi Wenzel, A. Simon, S. Banhatti, P. Jusko, S. Schlemmer, Sandra Brünken and C. Joblin: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 385, 11620-1 - 11620-12.

Infrared free-electron laser irradiation of carbon dioxide ice. S. Ioppolo, Jennifer A. Noble, Alejandra Traspas Muiña, Herma M. Cuppen, Stephane Coussan and B. Redlich: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 385, 111601-1 - 11601-8.  [PDF]

Infrared predissociation spectroscopy of protonated methyl cyanide, CH3CNH+. Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, Frank Huis in 't Veld, S. Thorwirth, B. Redlich and Sandra Brünken: (2021) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 379, 111477-1 - 111477- 8.  [PDF]

Cryogenic messenger-IR Ion spectroscopy study of phenol & aniline molecular ions and of the common fragment ion [C5H6]radical .+ formed by EI-MS. Dennis Zeh, Marcel Bast, Daniël.B. Rap, P.C. Schmid, S. Thorwirth, Sandra Brünken, S. Schlemmer and M Schäfer: (2021) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 378, 111453-1 - 11453-11.

Infrared action spectroscopy of doubly charged PAHs and their contribution to the aromatic infrared bands. S. Banhatti, Julianna Palotás, P. Jusko, B. Redlich, J. Oomens, S. Schlemmer and Sandra Brünken: (2021) A&A, 648, A61-1 - A61-12.  [PDF]

Highly efficient THz four-wave mixing in doped silicon. N. Dessmann, N.H. Le, Viktoria Eless, S. Chick, K. Saeedi, Alberto Perez-Delgado, S.  G Pavlov, A. F. G. v d Meer, K.L. Litvenenko, I. Galbraith, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, C. Pidgeon, G. Aeppli, B. Redlich and B. Murdin: (2021) Light: Science & Applications, 10, 71-1 - 71-6.  [PDF]

Hunting for the elusive methylene radical. A.M. Jacob, K.M. Menten, Yu Gong, P. Bergman, M. Tiwari, Sandra Brünken and O.H. Olofsson: (2021) A&A, 647, A42-1 - A42-24.  [PDF]

Transient transmission of THz metamaterial antennas by impact ionization in a silicon substrate. Matias Bejide, Yejun Li, N. Stavrias, B. Redlich, H. Tanaka, Vu Dinh Lam, Nguyen Thanh Tung and E. Janssens: (2021) Opt. Express, 29, 170-181. [PDF]

Influence of uniaxial stress on phonon-assisted relaxation in bismuth-doped silicon. R.  Kh Zhukavin, S.  G Pavlov, N. Stavrias, K. Saeedi, K. A. Kovalevsky, P.J. Phillips, V. V. Tsyplenkov, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, N. Dessmann, H. W. Hübers and V.  N Shastin: (2020) J. Appl. Phys., 127, 035706-1 - 035706-9. [PDF]

Frequency Tuning of Terahertz Stimulated Emission under the Intracenter Optical Excitation of Uniaxially Stressed Si:Bi. R.  Kh Zhukavin, K. A. Kovalevsky, S.  G Pavlov, N. Dessmann, A. Pohl, V. V. Tsyplenkov, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, H. W. Hübers and V.  N Shastin: (2020) Semiconductor Science and Technology, 54, 969-974.  [PDF]