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Recent publications

Photoassisted ionization spectroscopy of few implanted bismuth orbitals in a silicon-on-insulator device. K. Stockbridge, N. Dessmann, Viktoria Eless, Tom Peach, B. Murdin and S.K. Clowes: (2022) Appl. Phys. Lett., 120, 073503-1 - 073503-8.  [PDF]

Spectroscopic characterisation of the isomeric H2NCH+ and H2CNH+ radical cations. David Sundelin, Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, S. Thorwirth, Sandra Brünken and W. D. Geppert: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 11640-1 - 11640-7.

Infrared action spectroscopy of fundamental nitrilium ions: Protonated vinyl- and ethyl cyanide. S. Thorwirth, O. Asvany, M.E. Harding, P. Jusko, M. C. McCarthy, Sandra Brünken and S. Schlemmer: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 386, 111615-1 - 111615-9.

Gas-phase infrared spectra of the C7H5 radical and its bimolecular reaction products. F. Hirsch, I. Fischer, Sjors Bakels and M. Rijs Anouk: (2022) J. Phys. Chem. A, 126, 2532-2540.

The gas-phase infrared spectra of the 2-methylallyl radical and its high-temperature reaction products. Tobias Preitschopf, F. Hirsch, A. K. Lemmens, M. Rijs Anouk and I. Fisher: (2022) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 24, 7682-7690.

IRFEL Selective Irradiation of Amorphous Solid Water: from Dangling to Bulk Modes. Stephane Coussan, Jennifer A. Noble, Herma M. Cuppen, B. Redlich and S. Ioppolo: (2022) J. Phys. Chem. A, 126, 2262-2269.

Infrared spectroscopy of the benzylium-like (and tropylium-like) isomers formed in the –H dissociative ionization of methylated PAHs. Gabi Wenzel, A. Simon, S. Banhatti, P. Jusko, S. Schlemmer, Sandra Brünken and C. Joblin: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 385, 11620-1 - 11620-12.

Infrared free-electron laser irradiation of carbon dioxide ice. S. Ioppolo, Jennifer A. Noble, Alejandra Traspas Muiña, Herma M. Cuppen, Stephane Coussan and B. Redlich: (2022) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 385, 111601-1 - 11601-8. [PDF]

Deuteration of c-C3H2 towards the pre-stellar core L1544. K. Giers, S. Spezzano, F. Alves, P. Caselli, E. Redaielli, O. Sipilä, M. Ben Khalifa, Laurent Wiesenfeld, Sandra Brünken and L. Bizzocchi: (2022) A&A, 664, a119-1 - a119-12. [PDF]

Unidirectional Double- and Triple-Hydrogen Rearrangement Reactions Probed by Infrared Ion Spectroscopy. Dennis Zeh, Marcel Bast, J. Martens, G. Berden, J. Oomens, Sandra Brünken, S. Schlemmer, Mathias Schäfer and Dietmar Kuck: (2022) J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 33, 1377-1392.

Transient transmission of THz metamaterial antennas by impact ionization in a silicon substrate. Matias Bejide, Yejun Li, N. Stavrias, B. Redlich, H. Tanaka, Vu Dinh Lam, Nguyen Thanh Tung and E. Janssens: (2021) Opt. Express, 29, 170-181.

Influence of uniaxial stress on phonon-assisted relaxation in bismuth-doped silicon. R.  Kh Zhukavin, S.  G Pavlov, N. Stavrias, K. Saeedi, K. A. Kovalevsky, P.J. Phillips, V. V. Tsyplenkov, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, N. Dessmann, H. W. Hübers and V.  N Shastin: (2020) J. Appl. Phys., 127, 035706-1 - 035706-9. [PDF]

Frequency Tuning of Terahertz Stimulated Emission under the Intracenter Optical Excitation of Uniaxially Stressed Si:Bi. R.  Kh Zhukavin, K. A. Kovalevsky, S.  G Pavlov, N. Dessmann, A. Pohl, V. V. Tsyplenkov, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, H. W. Hübers and V.  N Shastin: (2020) Semiconductor Science and Technology, 54, 969-974.  [PDF]

Unraveling the impact of different thermal quenching routes on the luminescence efficiency of the Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ phosphor for white light emitting diodes. Yuan-Chic Lin, Marco Bettinelli, Scuchinder K. Sharma, B. Redlich, Adolfo Speghini and Maths Karlsson: (2020) Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 8, 14015-14027.  [PDF]

Infrared Resonant Vibrationally Induced Restructuring of Amorphous Solid Water. Jennifer A. Noble, Herma M. Cuppen, Stephane Coussan, B. Redlich and S. Ioppolo: (2020) J. Phys. Chem. C, 124, 20864-20873.  [PDF]

Laboratory gas-phase vibrational spectra of [C3H3]+ isomers and isotopologues by IRPD spectroscopy. Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, David Sundelin, S. Thorwirth, B. Redlich, W. D. Geppert and S. Brünken: (2020) J. Mol. Spectrosc., 374, 11377-1 - 11377-13.

Structural investigation of doubly-dehydrogenated pyrene cations. Sanjana Panchagnula, J. Bouwman, Daniël.B. Rap, P. Castellanos, A. Candian, C. J. Mackie, S. Banhatti, S. Brünken, H. Linnartz and A. G. G. M. Tielens: (2020) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 22, 21651-21663.

Laboratory spectroscopy techniques to enable observations of interstellar ion chemistry. B.A. McGuire, O. Asvany, S. Brünken and S. Schlemmer: (2020) Nat. Rev. Phys., 2, 402-410.

Terahertz transient stimulated emission from doped silicon. S.  G Pavlov, N. Dessmann, A. Pohl, R.  Kh Zhukavin, T.O. Klaassen, N. V. Abromisov, H. Riemann, B. Redlich, A. F. G. v d Meer, J. M. Ortega, .P Prazeres, E.E. Orlova, A.V. Muraviev, V.  N Shastin and H. W. Hübers: (2020) APL Photon, 5, 106102-1 - 106102-8.

Stable isomeric structures of the pyridine cation (C5H5N•+) and protonated pyridine (C5H5NH+) elucidated by cold ion infrared spectroscopy. Daniël.B. Rap, Aravindh. N. Marimuthu, B. Redlich and S. Brünken: (2020) Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 373, 11357-1 - 11357-8.

Observation of the Low‐Frequency Spectrum of the Water Trimer as a Sensitive Test of the Water‐Trimer Potential and the Dipole‐Moment Surface. Raffael Schwan, Chen Qu, Devendra Mani, Nitish Pal, Gerhard Schwaab, Joel M. Bowman, G. Tschumper and Martina Havenith: (2020) Angewandte Chemie, 59, 11399-11407.

High-resolution rovibrational spectroscopy of c-:C3H2The v7 C–H antisymmetric stretching band. O. Asvany, C.H. Markus, T. Salomon, P.C. Schmid, S. Banhatti, S. Brünken, F. Lipparini and Jürgen
Schlemmer Gauss, S: (2020) Journal of Molecular Structure, 1214, 128023-1 - 128023-7.

Descendant of the X-ogen carrier and a ‘mass of 69’: infrared action spectroscopic detection of HC3O+ and HC3S+. S. Thorwirth, M.E. Harding, O. Asvany, S. Brünken, P. Jusko, Kin Long Kelvin Lee, T. Salomon, M. C. McCarthy and S. Schlemmer: (2020) Mol. Phys., Special Issue of Molecular Physics in Honour of Jürgen Gauss, e1776409-1 -  e1776409-12.

Vibrational Excitation Hindering an Ion-Molecule Reaction: The c−C3H2+−H Collision Complex. C.R. Markus, O. Asvany, T. Salomon, P.C. Schmid, S. Brünken, F. Lipparini, Jürgen Gauss and S. Schlemmer: (2020) Phys. Rev. Lett., 124, 233401-1 - 233401-6.