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Best graphical abstract at the Forum for Analytical Science and Technology

Date of news: 23 November 2021

On 10 November, Pieter Kooijman won the prize for best graphical abstract at the Forum for Analytical Science and Technology (FAST), the premier annual forum for the exchange of the latest achievements in analytical science and technology.

Pieter best graphical abstract COAST

The winning graphical abstract

Infrared ion spectroscopy for true molecular identification in mass spectrometry imaging, 
Pieter C. Kooijman, Jelle Schuurman, Jonathan Martens and Jos Oomens

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is a powerful technique for characterizing the spatial distribution of molecules over a sample. MSI enables the visualization of molecules at micrometer resolution, for example in body tissues, beyond what is possible using conventional imaging techniques. However, the confident identification of imaged ions in the mass spectrometer can be a major limitation as it is very challenging to distinguish between isomeric structures having the same mass. At HFML-FELIX, we are developing a new experiment, bringing together MSI with infrared ion spectroscopy (IRIS). MSI-IRIS experiments will enable spatially resolved detection of molecules that can be further characterized using an orthogonal (spectroscopic) dimension for molecular structure determination. Examples of these experiments applied in biomedical applications for the analysis of body tissues will be described.