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The mid-ir spectra of 9-ethyl guanine, guanosine, and 2-deoxyguanosine. Ali Abo-Riziq, B.O. Crews, I. Compagnon, J. Oomens, G.J.M. Meijer, G.J. von Helden, M. Kabelac, Pavel Hobza and Mattanjah S. de Vries: (2007) J. Phys. Chem. A, 111, 7529-7536.  [PDF]

Vibrational spectroscopy of hydrated electron clusters(H2O)−15–50 via infrared multiple photon dissociation. Knut R. Asmis, Gabriele Santambrogio, J. Zhou, E. Garand, J. Headrick, D. Goebbert, Mark A. Johnson and Daniel M. Neumark: (2007) J. Phys. Chem., 126, 191105-1 - 191105-5.

Mass-selective vibrational spectroscopy of vanadium oxide cluster ions. Knut R. Asmis and Joachim Sauer: (2007) Mass. Spectrom. Rev, 26, 542-562.

Gas‐Phase Infrared Spectroscopy and Multidimensional Quantum Calculations of the Protonated Ammonia Dimer N2H7+. Knut R. Asmis, Yonggang Yang, Gabriele Santambrogio, M. Brümmer, J.R. Roscioli, L.R. McCunn and Mark A. Johnson: (2007) Angewandte Chemie, 46, 8691-8694.

Benchmarking of Electro-Optic Monitors for Femtosecond Electron Bunches. G. Berden, W. A. Gillespie, S. P. Jamison, E.-A. Knabbe, A. M. MacLeod, A. F. G. v d Meer, P.J. Phillips, B. Schlarb, B. Schmidt, P. Schmüser and B. Steffen: (2007) Phys. Rev. Lett., 99, 164801-1 -164801-4. [PDF]

Stepwise solvation of an amino acid: The appearance of zwitterionic structures. M.N. Blom, I. Compagnon, N. C. Polfer, G.J. von Helden, G.J.M. Meijer, S. Suhai, B. Paizs and J. Oomens: (2007) J. Phys. Chem. A, 111, 7309-7316.  [PDF]

Infrared Spectroscopy of Cationized Lysine and ε-N-methyllysine in the Gas Phase:  Effects of Alkali-Metal Ion Size and Proton Affinity on Zwitterion Stability. M.F. Bush, M.W. Forbes, R. A. Jockusch, J. Oomens, N. C. Polfer, R.J. Saykally and E. R. Williams: (2007) J. Phys. Chem. A, 111, 7753-7760. [PDF]

Interwell relaxation times in pSi/SiGe asymmetric quantum well structures: Role of interface roughness. M. Califano, N. Q. Vinh, P.J. Phillips, Z. Ikonic, R.W. Kelsall, P. Harrison, C. Pidgeon, B. N. Murdin, D.J. Paul, P. Townsend, Jing Zhang and I.M. Ross: (2007) Phys. Rev, B, 75, 045338-1 - 045338-6. [PDF]

IR spectroscopic characterization of intermediates in a gas-phase ionic reaction: The decarbonylation of Co+(acetophenone). R. C. Dunbar, D.T. Moore and J. Oomens: (2007) Int. jour. of Mass Spec, 265, 182-186.

Gas-Phase Zwitterion Stabilization by a Metal Dication. R. C. Dunbar, N. C. Polfer and J. Oomens: (2007) JACS, 129, 14562-14563. [PDF]

Gas‐Phase Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Tetravanadiumoxo and Oxo–Methoxo Cluster Anions. S. Feyel, H. Schwarz, D. Schröder, C. Daniel, Hans Hartl, J. Döbler, Joachim Sauer, L Wöste and Knut R. Asmis: (2007) Chem. Phys. Chem., 8, 1640-1647. [PDF]

The far-infrared spectra of neutral and cationic niobium clusters:  Nb0+5 to Nb0+ 9. A. Fielicke, C. Ratsch, G.J. von Helden and G.J.M. Meijer: (2007) J. Chem. Phys., 127, 234306 -1 - 234306-8. [PDF]

Infrared Spectroscopy of Arginine Cation Complexes: Direct Observation of Gas-Phase Zwitterions. M.W. Forbes, M.F. Bush, N. C. Polfer, J. Oomens, R. C. Dunbar, E. R. Williams and R. A. Jockusch: (2007) J. Phys. Chem. A, 111, 11759-11770. [PDF]

Singlet and triplet polaron relaxation in doubly charged self-assembled quantum dots. T. Grange, E. A. Zibik, R Ferreira, G. Bastard, B.A. Carpenter, P.J. Phillips, D. Stehr, S. Winnerl, M Helm, M.J. Steer, M. Hopkinson, J. W. Cockburn, M.S. Skolnick and L. R. Wilson: (2007) New Journal of Physics, 9, 259-1 - 259-13. [PDF]

Mid-infrared vibrational spectra of discrete acetone-ligated cerium hydroxide cations. G. S. Groenewold, A.K. Gianotto, K.C. Cossel, Michael J. Stipdonk van, J. Oomens, N. C. Polfer, D.T. Moore, W.A. de Jong and M. E. McIlwain: (2007) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 09, 596-606.

Experimental vibrational spectra of gas-phase tantalum cluster cations. P. Gruene, A. Fielicke and G.J.M. Meijer: (2007) J. Chem. Phys., 127, 234307-1 - 234307-5.  [PDF]

Donor-State-Enabling Er-Related Luminescence in Silicon: Direct Identification and Resonant Excitation. I. Izeddin, M. Klik, N. Q. Vinh, M.S. Bresler and T Gregorkiewicz: (2007) Phys. Rev. Lett., 99, 077401-1 - 077401-4.

Reply to comment on “Temporally resolved electro-optic effect”. S. P. Jamison, A. M. MacLeod, G. Berden, D. A. Jaroszynski and W. A. Gillespie: (2007) Opt. Lett., 32, 1343-1344.

Observation of zwitterion formation in the gas-phase H/D-exchange with CH3OD: Solution-phase structures in the gas phase. N. C. Polfer, R. C. Dunbar and J. Oomens: (2007) J. Am. Soc. Mass. Spec., 18, 512-516. [PDF]

Reaction products in mass spectrometry elucidated with infrared spectroscopy. N. C. Polfer and J. Oomens: (2007) Phys Chem Chem Phys, 9, 3804-3817.

Infrared Spectroscopy and Theoretical Studies on Gas-Phase Protonated Leu-enkephalin and Its Fragments:  Direct Experimental Evidence for the Mobile Proton. N. C. Polfer, J. Oomens, S. Suhai and B. Paizs: (2007) JACS, 129, 5887-5897.

Direct determination of ultrafast intersubband hole relaxation times in voltage biased SiGe quantum wells by a density matrix interpretation of femtosecond resolved photocurrent experiments. P. Rauter, T Fromherz, N. Q. Vinh, B. N. Murdin, J.P. Phillips, C. Pidgeon, L. Diehl, G. Dehlinger, D Grützmacher, Ming Zhao, Wei-Xin Ni and G. Bauer: (2007) New Journal of Physics, 9, 128-1 -128-12. [PDF]

Unexpected Structures of Aluminum Oxide Clusters in the Gas Phase. Marek Sierka, J. Döbler, Joachim Sauer, Gabriele Santambrogio, M. Brümmer, E. Janssens, G.J.M. Meijer and Knut R. Asmis: (2007) Angewandte Chemie, 46, 3372-3375.  [PDF]

Controlling the bonding of CO on cobalt clusters by coadsorption of H2. I. Swart, A. Fielicke, D. M. Rayner, G.J.M. Meijer, B.M. Weckhuysen and F.M.F de Groot: (2007) Angewandte Chemie, 46, 5317-5320.  [PDF]

Hydrogen-induced transition from dissociative to molecular chemisorption of co on vanadium clusters. I. Swart, A. Fielicke, B. Redlich, G.J.M. Meijer, B.M. Weckhuysen and F.M.F de Groot: (2007) JACS, 129, 2516-2520. [PDF]

Concentration of Er 3+ ions contributing to 1.5 − μm emission in Si ∕ Si : Er nanolayers. N. Q. Vinh, S. Minissale, T Gregorkiewicz and Henk Vrielinck: (2007) Phys. Rev, B, 76, 085339-1 -085339-5.

Terahertz gain on shallow donor transitions in silicon. R.  Kh Zhukavin, V.  N Shastin, S.  G Pavlov, H. W. Hübers, J.N. Hovenier, T.O. Klaassen and A. F. G. v d Meer: (2007) J. Appl. Phys., 102, 093104-1 - 093104-5. [PDF]

Refereed Proceedings

Spin mixing for one and two electron states in quantum dots
T. Grange, R. Ferreira, G. Bastard, E. A. Zibik, P. J. Phillips, L. R. Wilson, and M. S. Skolnick
AIP Conf. Proc. 893 (2007) 963.

Silicon Stokes terahertz laser
S.G. Pavlov, H.-W. Hübers, J.N. Hovenier, T.O. Klaassen, D.A. Carder, P.J. Phillips, B. Redlich, H. Riemann, R.Kh. Zhukavin, and V.N. Shastin
AIP Conf. Proc. 893 (2007) 1445.