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The Vibe of the Future Festival 2022 | Noviotech Campus (Bijeenkomst)

donderdag 8 september 2022Plaats in agenda
16:00 tot
Novio Tech Campus


To most of us, the future remains a mystery. An exciting, hopeful and sometimes even absurd image, living in our fantasies and always present in our dreams.

Yet, there are some who dare to look far beyond what is known, things that are seen as normal or generally accepted as common thinking. People who look deep into the depths of the unknown, balance at its edge, and take the leap. Because they want to, have to or need to: because they think they can make a difference and be of a positive change.

At Vibe of the Future Festival, we share the stories of these people. Their ups and downs, struggles and dreams, the knowledge they gained along the road and impact they hope to make. An inspiring and fun festival, where we will explore new perspectives on innovation, entrepreneurship and science - and especially their meaning and value for a future-proof society. All while enjoying art, creative foods, making new connections and chill and lounge!

Together we will experience the: Vibe of the Future!