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IA Wiskunde (WiNST)

De Instituutassessor 2022-2023 voor Wiskunde is Janna van Assen.

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IA Natuur- en Sterrenkunde (WiNST)


Hi everyone, my name is Vince Nicolaas Ponder and I am this year's Institute Assessor for Physics and Astronomy. I am currently in my second year of the Physics of Molecules and Materials master, so my student life is slowly approaching its end. But before I go, I aim to improve the quality of the education of my field in whichever way I can, so students are better prepared for the problems that lie ahead. This would of course not be possible without the help and support of our Educational Institute WiNSt and my excellent Programme Committee. You can contact me or the Programme Committee via our email adresses. We can frequently be found in the Huygens building as well.

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IA Biowetenschappen

De Instituutassessor 2022-2023 voor Biowetenschappen is Anne de Ruijter.

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IA Informatica & Informatiekunde (I&I)


Hello! My name is Nadezhda Dobreva (or Nadia). I'm currently doing the Data Science Master and I also obtained my Computing Science Bachelor in Radboud. Last year I was part of the Program Committee of Computing and Information Sciences and this year I've decided to go deeper into the education organization tasks and become Institute Assessor of Information Sciences. You can find me for questions or issues in Mercator or at our email address. :)


Hey! I am Julian van der Horst and I am the Institute Assessor of Computing Science. I am currently finishing my Bachelors and I even started taking some Master courses. I was always very active with the Study Association Thalia but as I got older I decided to get more involved in the education side of our studies. I am however always in Mercator so don’t hesitate to come and talk to me.

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IA Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen (MW)

De Instituutassessor 2022-2023 voor Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen is Daniëlle Geers.

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IA Scheikunde (MW)

De Instituutassessor 2022-2023 voor Scheikunde is Ida van der Heijden.

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IA Science (MW)

De Instituutassessor 2022-2023 voor Science is Lynn Vallen.

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