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NIFTI: An innovation in mobility that will revolutionize the way we travel!

NIFTI stands for National Individual floating Transport Infrastructure and is a transport system based on magnetic levitation. The road itself becomes the engine, electromagnetic coils embedded under the road surface levitating and pulsing an individual vehicle along the street or highway at the precise moment it passes over.

The benefits

NIFTI offers a couple of benefits over traditional cars and electric vehicles. It is expected for example that NIFTI will consume only 30-50% of the power required to drive a typical electric car. In relation to the well-known MagLev trains, NIFTI’s active component is not located in the vehicles, but in the road itself, making the vehicle light-weighted with less implication on road accidents. Furthermore, an initial Life Cycle Assessment has shown that NIFTI will likely have 50% less impact on global warming compared to electric vehicles. To sum things up, NIFTI offers a promising and whole new perspective on the future of mobility and we are here to make it reality!

Join the team!

The feasibility of NIFTI does not only depend on the technical development, but will also be determined by the political, economic, societal, environmental and legal issues that arise with an innovation like NIFTI. Together with HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem-Nijmegen, 13 researchers from different disciplines combined forces to assess the feasibility and improve successful market uptake of the innovation.

You can be part of the team! We are continuously looking for students excited by innovation and interested in performing their bachelor or master thesis on NIFTI. Contact Nigel Hussey, project leader to get in touch!

Value for industry

NIFTI is a system technology and can be applied in many different areas. Think of replacement of luggage belts at airports, transportation of goods between and within distribution centers and alternative race tracks for kids.
There are many ways NIFTI can add value to society and we need (industrial) partners to cooperate to take NIFTI to the next level.

Sparked your interest? Contact the project leader for a meeting!