Straight to the answer to your questoin:

What programs belong to the faculty of Social Sciences?

Our faculty has around 5000 students that specialize in:

  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Communication Science
  • Sociology
  • Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology

What kind of vacancies can I submit here?

  • A vacancy for a study-related side job
  • A vacancy for study-related volunteer work
  • A vacancy for a study-related internship
  • A starter vacancy for near/new graduates

Submitting an internship: how does that work?

Most programs offer space for a (research) internship or graduation assignment within a company or organization. Students themselves look for a suitable internship, and this must then be approved by the internship coordinator of that specific program before starting the internship.

More information on the requirements and the time periods for internships can be found here:

Does Career Service Social Sciences actively mediate between students/graduates and employers?

No, the faculty does not actively mediate between students and employers. You can offer vacancies and internships via the web form.

How will my vacancy be brought to the attention of students?

When the vacancy is relevant to our students, it will be further spread via the vacancy overview on this website and via other internal communication channels such as the monthly newsletter.

How long will my vacancy stay online?

When you do not specify a closing date, we'll publish the vacancy for 3 months maximum to keep the overview up-to-date. If you wish to extend the publication of the vacancy, you can send an email to career@socsci.ru.nl before the expiration date or fill in the web form again.

How do I inform students from other faculties about my vacancy?

Visit the website of other faculties or contact one of the Career Officers.

Who do I contact for more information on the possibilities?

You can contact our Career Officer, Sophie Raaijmakers.