New: Platform Career Central

Career Central is the community for everything related to networking and your career, besides and after your studies. It is a place where (former) students meet, come into contact with professionals and apply for internships and jobs. We made this platform for our (former) students and partner organizations. The faculty of Social Sciences will transfer to this new platform from 2023 onwards, but you can already join Career Central. Please feel free to have a look!

Take a look on the platform

The benefits

  • Selection based on skills
  • Everyone in one place
  • Employer branding: a free organization profile
  • Placing internships = free
  • Vacancies €50,- / 1 credit
  • Earning credits by helping students
  • First vacancy is a gift


Have you not had contact before* and would you like to create a new profile? Click on the button below.

*Relations will receive an invitation throughout the academic year and will receive a first credit as a gift. Has this invitation not arrived (yet), but would you like to get started? Send a message to

More information

Would you like to take a closer look at Career Central first? That is possible!