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Psychology alumna Thecla Schaeffer as (former) marketing boss of G-Star

In her days as a Psychology student, Thecla Schaeffer would never have guessed that she would one day be marketing director of the Dutch fashion brand G-Star. #RadboudRecharge

Thecla Schaeffer

Alumni-interviews by Jorrit Geels of CognAC

Jorrit Geels interviewed various AI alumni about their careers and their tips for current students. Whether you study AI or not, the answers provide recognition and inspiration for every student. Read article #1#2, #3#4 and #5 on the website of CognAC!

Alumni Interviews Jorrit Geels

Alumnus Communication science Wilbert Mutsaers on his job at Spotify

As a student, Wilbert Mutsaers started out spinning records at the Nijmegen club De Swing. He was a PhD candidate, but could not resist a career in the music industry. #RadboudRecharge

Wilbert Mutsaers

Psychology-alumna Ranah Baptist: 'Graduated, what now?'

Are you curious about what the life of a graduate looks like? And can you still use some tips for the first steps on the labor market as well? Check out this video by our alumna Ranah Baptist, with english subtitles.

Development tips of Career Service Social Sciences

Did you know that we post a Development Tip via social media of the Faculty of Social Sciences every week from june 2020 onwards ((Facebook en Instagram)? Here you'll find all the tips that we've posted, for your weekly portion of inspiration for your professional development!

Development Tips