Develop yourself further

The things you are good at are not necessarily the things you want to become better at. For example, you may be very good at doing research, but you get energy mainly from working with people. Or the other way around of course, and your heart lies in learning to investigate better and better.

There are many opportunities for self-development alongside your regular study programme. You can work as a volunteer for various organisations, gain experience abroad or challenge yourself organisationally in committees or boards. Let the hand-out below inspire you!

An internship also contributes to your personal development. For many programmes it is not compulsory to do an internship during the bachelor's phase. In this way you distinguish yourself from the rest! Besides boosting your CV, it also provides relevant work experience. It will give you a better idea of your studies in practice, but you will also come into contact with people from your future field. Want to know more about an internship? Check the hand-out!

Are you considering going abroad for a certain period of time during your studies? Do it! A stay abroad gives a boost to your personal development. But it is also good for your career perspectives. Read the hand-out below for more information about work placements and studying abroad.