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>> Career in the Netherlands (go to this part)
>> International Career (go to this part)

Career in the Netherlands

Many international students leave Nijmegen after graduation. Why? Read the interesting article of VOX with facts, figures and stories of international alumni.

they leave the nest after they graduate

Culture in Dutch companies

Every country has its own business culture. In this handout (pdf, 1 MB) you can find more information about customs in Dutch companies. Even though you have been studying in the Netherlands for a while, finding a job might be difficult. You'll see that speaking Dutch is important in many Dutch companies. To improve your Dutch, you can go to Radboud in'to Languages where you can learn 'social Dutch' for free. You can find some do’s and don’ts of applying for a job or internship in the Netherlands here (pdf, 1 MB). Furthermore the information about applying for a job on this website is focused on the Dutch job market:

- CV
- Motivation letter
- Job interview
- LinkedIn
- Networking

Useful websites

Here a list with websites (pdf, 1,1 MB) that have been found to be useful for international students and alumni. Use these websites as a guide during your study or when you start looking for a job. For information about working in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen, check out

Permit 'Orientation year highly educated persons'

As a graduated student (Bachelor/Master), you can ask the Dutch Government for a residence permit 'orientation year highly educated persons'. On this website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service of the Ministry of Justice and Security you can read the conditions and how you can apply.

To gain more information about employment permits, check out the website of the Dutch Government or gain information via Undutchables.

Want to know more about Dutch legislation and regulations concerning work and internships? Make an appointment with the Counselor International Students.

International Career

It's hard to give you some general advice about applying for an international job, because all countries have (somewhat) different rules and customs. If you have a specific country in mind where you want to work, it might be a good idea to start with an internship in that country. You can use the Erasmus+ programme for this, and there are company's (for example EPN (pdf, 687 kB)) that offer help organizing.

You can also read a career guide with information about specific countries:
website Experts in Labour Mobility
- website Expatica

Or use a website that offers jobs per country:
- website Eurojobs

Would you like some personal advice? Please make an appointment with the Career Officer.