Job interview

When your CV and application letter were successful, you will hopefully be invited for a job interview. How do you make sure that you are prepared to give your best? Here is an overview of some useful tips for your job interview and application. Good luck!

Job interview

Yes, you are invited for a job interview! This means that the employer already thinks that you cán fix their problem, and you're seen as more suitable for the job than 95% of the other candidates. In this hand-out you'll read more about the goal of the interview and the ways you can prepare for this.

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Terms of employment interview

Negotiating during a job interview is about more than just salary. Think for instance about the number of holidays, training budget, etcetera. Ultimately it is about making agreements with your new employer that the both of you are satisfied with. The employer wants you to be motivated, and of course you want that too. That is why it is important to think about what you want and not blindly accept the first offer. In the checklist you can read about more do's and don'ts when it comes to your terms of employment interview.


An assessment is a collection of various tests and assignments that are used to assess whether applicants would be suitable for a certain position. Companies either hire special consultancy firms to carry out these assessments or they invent their own. The content of an assessment is determined based on the requirements of the job, so this differs per company and per profession. However, an IQ test and a personality test are often a part of the programme.

You may obtain a better score by practising with an IQ-test beforehand: online you can find example-tests. It is also clever to talk to someone in your network who has already undergone such an assessment procedure (at the same company). When you know someone who has undergone such an assessment, do not forget to ask for tips on how to prepare best.