Whether you want to stay in the Netherlands or go abroad, we can help you with your career related questions. All events organised by Career Service Social Sciences are open to students and recently graduates (untill 6 months after graduation) of the faculty of Social Sciences.

Student Support

Also offers courses/workshops and e-learnings that might help i.e. to relief stress or other personal issues. You may also contact them when you have a functional impairment and want to orientate on your career via a personal track.

Promote your event

Do you want to promote your career event? For example an information evening, information, training, in-house day or career event? Fill in the web form below. Upon approval, we will add your event to the calendar.


In most announced activities it's mentioned whether they are in English or in Dutch, but if this is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, please contact us if your have other questions or have ideas for events that would help you in your career.