Contract Education

Would you like to advance your knowledge in a specific area? Follow a course that appeals to you from the regular programmes of the following departments:

  • Psychology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Communication Science
  • Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology
  • Sociology

If you successfully complete the accompanying exam  you will receive a certificate. The certificate potentially exempts you from having to take the course if you later decide to follow the entire Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.

You can sign up for contract education if you can demonstrate you have higher education level competences, if you have a significant amount of working experience in the area you are interested in or if you simply wish to follow a particular selection of courses. Contract education enables you to follow one or more courses from the educational programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Most courses consist of 8 to 12 meetings of 2 hours, but in some cases there are several classes per week. As you will join the regular educational programme, the courses take place during the day.

Who can participate?

It is possible to follow one of our Bachelor’s or Master’s courses if there are enough places and if you:

  • can demonstrate that you have higher education level competences of or that you have a significant amount of practical experience in the relevant field;
  • meet extra admission requirements that might be set for the course of your choice.
    In order to qualify for admission to some courses, you will have to meet extra requirements which you will find in the online study guide. If you want to follow part of a Master’s programme, you need to obtain written consent from the relevant teacher.

Choose a course

For an overview of the educational programmes available at our faculty, please have a look at the study guides. Usually it is also possible to participate in courses from the Master’s programmes, but you will need to obtain written consent from the relevant teacher to complete your registration.
Note:  It is not possible to participate in courses from the Research Master programmes.

  1. Consult the course descriptions of our educational programmes in the online study guides and choose a course. Here you will also find extra admission requirements should the course have any.
  2. Next, go to the online schedule and determine whether the classes take place at convenient  times.
  3. If you meet all admission requirements you can now register (see Registration).
  4. You will receive confirmation of your registration via e-mail.

Exam and certificate

There are two exam opportunities for each course, but you are not obliged to take part in the exam if you do not wish to do so. During the exam you will have to show valid ID. If you pass the exam, send an e-mail with your name, student number and the course code and/or name to  and you will receive a certificate of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees depend on the size and type of course you wish to follow and your personal background. The regular price per EC (European Credit, 28 hours of study) is from the academic year 2022-2023 the fee is € 100.00 per EC not including literature, study materials and travel costs. For example, taking a 6 EC course would cost 6 x €100.00 = €600.00
You will receive an invoice several weeks after registration.

* The alumni of Radboud University receive a discount on following a course from the academic year 2022/2023. For them the fee is € 50.00 per EC.

Exempt from paying tuition fees are:

  1. Graduates of Radboud University who wish to use one of their vouchers
  2. PhD students or junior researchers of Radboud University who wish to take a course related to their research
    * PhDs from the Radboud or related institute who are taking courses from the Research Master Behavioural Science can participate in courses as Observers (not as students). They can email for this purpose. No certificate of participation will be issued.
    * PhD students from other universities who want to participate should first email for permission to
  3. ‘Vwo-talenten’ (talented high school students participating in a special programme at Radboud University)


You are responsible for obtaining the required and recommended literature (see study guide). In some case you may have to get a reader from the Dictatencentrale.

Exam only

In some cases it is possible to only take part in the examination of the course without taking any classes provided the teacher approves. The fee for the exam is for regular course participants from the academic year 2022/2023 the fee is €100.00 per EC.


If you have registered for a course but decide to cancel, please do so in writing a week before the course starts. Any fees you paid will be reimbursed (excluding €45,- administration costs). Cancellation at a later date will require you to pay the full tuition fee.

Location & facilities

Classes take place in one of Radboud University’s buildings. Upon registering, you will receive more information on the exact location, travel information and a map of the university campus.  
For the duration of the course you have access to:

  • the University Library
  • study areas
  • Brightspace

Brightspaceis Radboud University’s digital learning environment. Teachers use it to share relevant information about the course such as powerpoint presentations and assignments, while students may use it to discuss the course and fill in an evaluation.
In order to make use of some of these facilities, you will need either a student ID or an employee ID. If you do not have either, you can apply for a student ID after registering for the course by sending an e-mail to Please include your student number, personal information and a digital passport photo.

Registration Phd Candidates

Please note: this only concerns courses from the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW). The code of the courses of FSW starts with SOW-... Look for courses from the other faculties on the website of the relevant faculty.

You can register up to one week before the course starts, unless indicated otherwise in the study guide. For some courses there are only a limited amount of places available for contract education, so make sure to register on time. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can find more information on the registration procedure and forms below: