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Plato in the Age of Totalitarianism (Expositie)

maandag 7 november 2022 t/m zondag 15 januari 2023Plaats in agenda
University Library, Erasmuslaan 36.
Antonio Cimino

According to Alfred North Whitehead’s famous dictum, the European philosophical tradition “consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.” Running through history, we encounter various forms of Platonism, such as Neoplatonism, the Platonism that merged with early Christianity, the Platonism of medieval thought, and the revival of Platonic thought in the Renaissance. Each age seems to have found its own Plato.In the age of totalitarianism, Plato inspired both supporters and opponents of totalitarian regimes. Academics, ideologues, intellectuals, philosophers, and politicians used and abused Plato to address contemporary issues, such as the crisis of democracy, the relationship between scholarship and politics, the political role of philosophy, and the destiny of Europe’s cultural heritage.

The exhibition displays photographs and publications that document this controversial reception of Plato.

Antonio Cimino