Digital footprint

Did you ever stop to think that a recruiter might look you up on internet? Everything you post on internet remains findable for a long time and can be linked to your name. You can impact your digital footprint by becoming more aware of what you place online. So before applying for a job, google yourself and check what people can find out about you!

Social media

Whatever you publish on social media may be publicly accessible, depending on your settings on the platform in question. Recruiters will always check your profiles to find out more about you. It is up to you to determine what they can find out about you.

Sensitive topics

It is often easier to post content on internet than it is to later remove it. You should therefore be careful what you publish online. Some topics are particularly sensitive, and we advise you to be very cautious when mentioning any of the following:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Political preferences
  • Secrets, both your own and other people’s
  • Sexual orientation and sexuality
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Commercially sensitive information or information about your colleagues

Remember that you might need the people in your network to find a job after you graduate. It is therefore wise to remain on good terms with them, whether it concerns lecturers, university staff, fellow students (who will soon also have jobs), etc.

Use your digital footprint!

If you use multiple online channels, make sure you draw on all of them when applying for a job and networking. To this end, try to create a coherent line of content, such as a single professional photograph that you can use on your LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure your information is always up to date and shows where your interests lie (both professionally and personally). And make sure you are easily findable, since people might otherwise wonder why you are not.