LinkedIn has more than 467.000.000 accounts worldwide and more than 6.000.000 accounts in the Netherlands alone. Chances are that the person you’d like to meet has a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn’s main strength is that you can see who you should talk to, to get in touch with a certain person. You can use the medium to highlight your skills, to get into touch with others, and to keep up to date with the developments of your field. You could also use the medium as a search engine.

General tips

  • Make sure you are visible and that your profile can be found online: ‘Search Engine Optimize’ your profile page
    • Use the first part of the header to highlight your strengths, tell what you are good at, or tell what you’d like to achieve. Moreover, mention your desired function title, sector, and your availability. Do not place “available” at the beginning of the header but place it at the end. You are more than just available, of course! Adding this word to your headline is purely meant to be findable for the filters
    • Ensure that your important keywords recur at least 8 times on your profile
    • You can follow the example of Simon Sinek, his so-named “Golden Circle” (check out his TedTalk): why do we do the things we do, how do we do it and what should we do?
  • Make sure that you have a photo with a professional appearance. Wear clothes that match the position you are applying for, make sure that you have an open posture, look into the camera and be sure to smile. Tools like Snappr help you check the quality of your photos
  • Become a member of interesting (forum)groups. Show what you have to offer: help others by explaining your vision, share your experience, contacts, and tips. You will create “goodwill” by doing this
  • Check the career path of alumni for inspiration. You can visit the Radboud University page and click on “show alumni” and enter your study in the search interface to find all the people who are affiliated with the Radboud University and who have entered the same study in their profile. Then you can see the companies/institutions and sectors that they are working in and the steps that they took to get to where they are.