During the academic year, you can participate in various, free, career-oriented workshops. Below you can find an overview of these workshops.

Ready – set – go! - The “What should I do after I complete my studies?” workshop
What can I actually do with my education? Sooner or later, every student will ask this question. You will not be the first person to dread the completion of their studies because you have no idea what to do afterwards. Or how do you go about choosing that fun yet worthwhile internship? To ensure that job applications (and internship applications) do not become an insurmountable obstacle, attend this workshop!

Using a success story to find your dream job
A good story is becoming increasingly important in finding a job. After all, there are always people who have more experience and/or better credentials. The challenge when applying for a job is to use memorable phrases and to tell a memorable story. This makes you unique and will help you be remembered, even if there were one hundred applicants for the job vacancy. In this workshop, we practice these techniques by using practical examples.

Trigger me - Write a good CV and motivation letter
Discover how to make your CV stand out to a recruiter. Stop agonising on your own about creating a good CV and compelling motivation letter. Come to this workshop!

Get interviewed - A job interview is not a cross-examination
You very likely have heard job interview horror stories—the kind where you are grilled about anything and everything for an hour, but especially your negative qualities. Learn how to avoid feeling that a job interview is a cross-examination with the information and tips from this workshop!