Secondary School

You are at the point in your life when you are choosing to continue your education and you are interested in a Bachelor’s programme at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. This is an exciting step and the last major educational choice that you will make before you start working.

In most higher professional education (HBO) programmes, you are prepared for a specific job. This is a bit different from most university programmes, in which you are educated to an expert level in a certain field and learn the skills necessary for various positions within that field. This makes you a versatile candidate in the labour market.

It is an exciting step, because the programme you choose often lays the foundation for your future. And we look forward to helping you with that!

Career+ is a professional preparation programme for the labour market

Career+ provides students with professional preparation for the labour market. It is a free programme offered by the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, which provides step-by-step help on working towards a career that best suits you and your Arts study course.

It gives you the tools to discover which options are available to you in your study programme and where your talents and interests lie — you are the one in control!

Career+ consists of

  • Workshops
  • Advisory meetings with a staff member from the Faculty of Arts Career Services
  • Company presentations
  • Guest lectures by alumni and/or representatives from organisations
  • Internship information and selection
  • Guides and information on applying for jobs