Internship masters philosophy

As part of the Master's programmes of Philosophy you have the option of doing an internship. Doing an internship is a good way to familiarize yourself with the labour market. The relevant work experience you gain during your internship may also increase your chances of finding a job later. An internship has a value of 10 EC.

You can find more information about the internship procedures in the sidebar of this site.

Contacting the internship coordinator

If you are considering doing an internship, please contact the internship coordinator first. The internship coordinator can help you with your initial orientation, finding a suitable internship and writing a letter of application.

Furthermore, the internship coordinator will later put you in touch with a lecturer from your study programme who will act as your internship programme supervisor.

The internship coordinator will monitor the procedures involved with the internship contract and is the contact person for organisations that are looking for interns.

Internship coordinator Master’s in Philosophy

Dr. Cees Leijenhorst,