The coming year is another pilot year. If you’re in the third year of your Bachelor’s programme, you can do a minor internship. If this interests you, please contact Ignace de Haes, the Career Service Officer, for an intake interview. This will be followed by a selection interview with one of the minor internship coordinators: Justine Bakker for Theology/Religious Studies or Cees Leijenhorst for Philosophy. They are the ones who will give the go-ahead for an internship. You must at least have passed your first year.

You will then go back to Ignace de Haes for a further discussion of the requirements you must meet. He will look for a lecturer for you who will supervise you in relation to the content of your internship.

After that, you will have an interview with the prospective client (internship location). Finally, everything will be formalised in an internship contract and the internship can begin.


The internship minor is intended for students who want to explore the labour market as part of their studies.

This minor allows you to focus in depth on your future. The internship offers you a wonderful chance to familiarise yourself with the practical world to which the scientific theory and research of your programme relate. The goal of an internship is to give you the opportunity to apply your insights and/or skills to professional practice. The professional practice of the Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies programmes is varied, so an internship may take various forms.


After you complete the internship:

  • you will be able to describe the progression of the internship in the context of your internship contract;
  • you will be able to provide a clear impression of the organisation where your internship took place;
  • you will be able to reflect on your deployment within the organisation where your internship took place, your strengths and areas for improvement;
  • you will be able to describe your abilities, wishes and ambitions for a future job.


The minor internship is worth 15 study credits. That’s 420 hours and more than 52 days in total. A student can devote three months full-time to the internship. The internship can also be completed on a part-time basis, in which case it will last for six months. In any event, 420 hours must be spent on the internship.

Internship manual

The internship manual can be downloaded here (docx, 34 kB).

Internship Proposal

You have to make an internship proposal and you can download the proposal here (docx, 26 kB).

Internship Apraissal

The internship will be completed by the supervisor of the internship organisation in consultation with the intern at the end of the internship. The apraissalform can be downloaded here. (docx, 25 kB)

Internship contract

Before your internship begins, a contract will be drawn up between you, the internship institution and the faculty. You will also usually receive a contract at your internship address that sets out your responsibilities and any allowances.
The contract can be downloaded here. (docx, 173 kB)


If this interests you, please contact the faculty’s Career Service Officer: Ignace de Haes