What do you think of your programme? Share your opinion in the 2023 National Student Survey!

Date of news: 17 January 2023

You are the best judge of your own programme! Take part in the National Student Survey (NSE) and help your programme department to improve the quality of the teaching and facilities, both for yourself and for future generations of students.

Improving things together!

Results from previous years have contributed in various ways. We are:

  • strengthening Radboud Career Service with a focus on increasing its reach, fostering a stronger connection between employers and the university, and further professionalising work processes and communication.
  • paying more attention to better distributing the study load and adjusting it to the number of study credits available for it.

Check your e-mail!

You can take part by simply clicking the link in the e-mail that will be sent to your student mailbox on Monday 16 January. Or visit www.nse.nl and enter your e-mail address to access the survey.

Are you a PPS student? Then select 'Philosophy' as your study programme.

Take part and win!

Students who participate can win great prizes:

  • 1 x Apple MacBook Air
  • 4 x Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • 3 x Logitech Master Series mouse and keyboard
  • 400 x Bol.com voucher (each worth €25)

Additional prizes for Radboud students only:

  • 4 x Bol.com voucher (each worth €75)
  • 50 x Cookie, muffin or something else to be picked up the Refter

On behalf of your programme, we sincerely thank you for your participation!